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Traditional Medicine is:

  1. Health Provider
  2. Job Creator
  3. Agriculture and its derivatives in its own capacity
  4. Traditional medicine reduces cost of Health provision and related services in a country that recognizes and legalizes it.
  5. Traditional medicine potentials is greater than that of Crude Oil upon which Nigeria is presently basing her budget on, we should therefore explore it.

If we Nigerians are wise, we should therefore pass the Bill on traditional Medicine because of its multiplier benefits to the society and the Economy.

We call on our understanding and amiable leader, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan whom all the traditional doctors endorsed and voted for, to give an Executive Directive as a matter of necessity on the passage of the Traditional Medicine Bill in the Law. This bill has been lying down in the National Assembly since 2006.

For the Governors, we thank the Governor of the States that have formed the Traditional Medicine Board in their states such as Edo , Lagos, Anambra and Bauchi States. We urge other state Governors whose Commissioners of health and their State House of Assembly that have not created the Traditional Medicine Board to kindly request them to do so with dispatch.

We also pray the Governors to ensure that genuine and registered members of the NANTMP be made Chairmen and members of the Board to protect the interest of the practice unlike the present practice in some states whereby Medical Doctors and Pharmacists are made Chairmen of Traditional Medicine Board. What does a Medical Doctor who doesn’t want traditional medicine to be given to his patient want to do in a Board that is set up for regulation and promotion of Traditional Medicine Practice?

This time is for building, the experts should be allowed to lay the foundation and construct the building, anybody else may pack in later to enjoy the structure.

The traditional doctors should be given the opportunity to regulate and promote the practice for now. Though we are aware that some people are fighting traditional medicine because of ignorance, but we are also aware that as soon as five (5) traditional medicine products are developed up to WHO set standards it would benefit all stake holders in the health sector in particular, Nigeria as a whole and would definitely improve the economy of the Nation.

6 responses to COMMUNIQUE

  1. This is the right thing to do

  2. Mr president please try to do something about this issue, to promote the standard of traditional doctors in Nigeria thanks.

  3. Herbal practice is a medical revolution,an unstoppable shift, that has being in use even before time, a treatment that goes to the root course of disease and establish a cure by activating the body healing potential to express it self, it does not violently suppress symptoms because its a plant extract and not chemical manipulation.

  4. Going through your expenses figures you claimed was spent on behalf of your association recently, I was amused at the lopsidedness and blatant disregard for financial clarity that it will take a kindergarten to conclude they were fictitiously summed up to represent the interest of a few running away from justice

  5. The situation is ambiguous,the rapid expenditure can not mold the association but tears the existing down.

  6. Consideration should be given to the condition of those that contributed the money since they sweat and toil for it,and trust those in position of autrhority.Watch out for the coming Generation

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