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The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health, the director of traditional Medicine and Complimentary Alternative Medicine, staff of the Ministry of Health, fellow practitioners of traditional medicine and all other protocols duly observed.

I thank God that we have been eventually invited for this reconciliatory meetings today in your ministry and I pray God to give us the ability to witness true reconciliation today. I am a Catholic Christian and I am prepared to speak the truth at all times.

All that we have witnessed in NANTMP from inception when it was founded was never anticipated. When on that day we came to visit the Hon. Minster of Health, Prof. Eyitayo Lambo and God used me Prof. T. O. Omon Oleabhiele to move the motion that the Government through the Federal Ministry of Health is kindly requested to help us to sponsor the unification and formation of a supreme umbrella body where all the traditional doctors in Nigeria must belong to. The body will be comparable in outlook to the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) where all the practicing medical doctors belong. It will be comparable to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) were all practicing Nigerian Lawyers belong to, it will be comparable to the Pharmaceutical society of Nigeria (PSN) where all practicing  pharmacists belong to. It will be comparable to the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) where all Nigerian teachers belong to or the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) were all the practicing Nigerian journalists belong to, etc.


This body is supposed to regulate, monitor and sanction the practice of Traditional Medical Practitioners in Nigeria. We did not anticipate what we are experiencing in traditional medicine in Nigeria today. We thought that everybody was happy that NANTMP has been formed and that we should be very open and united and co-operative as well as render help to one another. That was the purpose, we wrote a constitution and agreed that there would be local executives starting from the ward level to the local government level and the local government level will have its own executives of 3 people who will represent each local government at the state level i.e. Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary and at the state level, NANTMP will have its own executives which is elected by the 3 representatives comprising of the state Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the Secretary to form the electoral college which will elect the NANTMP executives who will elect the NANTMP executives at the Federal level.

We agreed that the tenure of the executives will be 3 years and it will have a board of trustee which will not be elected but appointed by the substantive president of the association and its executives for a non-renewable 5 years tenure. It was also agreed that each geo-political zone will have a vice president who will act as the eyes of the president in the zone.


We did not anticipate that some people will be planning on hijacking the association to become their private property. It was never agreed that the association will be owned by the board of trustees and that they will be become the final arbiter and occupy their position for life and will not be subject to any litigations. However, after the takeoff of NANTMP, it was found out that anomalies were smuggled into the constitution by the board of trustees and these anomalies created an unprecedented confusion in NANTMP. These anomalies were only a means to enrich themselves at the expense of the association resulting in a situation were the board of trustees go to each state, collect monies from people and appoint them as parallel executives different from the duly recognized and elected executives and also increase the number of the members of the board of trustees arbitrarily and indiscriminately with recourse to the constitution and outside the knowledge of the executives, thereby creating confusion and rancor within the NANTMP. On discovery of these anomalies before the expiration of Prof. Bechi’s executives, he formed a committee headed by myself to head to verify and rectify the constitution and to correct any anomaly therein. This we did and decided that since the state governors, the state houses of assembly members, the honorable members of house of representatives and honorable members of the senate and the President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria all have a four years tenure, we agreed to along the NANTMP to be on consonance with the practice of staying a four years tenure, however we left the board of trustees to maintain their five years tenure, not a life tenure or to be the final arbiter,  but to play an advisory role in NANTMP. Yet they did not listen to the voice of reason but threw away our advice and stayed adamant to the rule of law and went from state to state illegally appointing executives. When I became president of NANTMP, I decided to approach the courts to seek redress on behalf of the association, which is still in court today.


However, I have attempted to settle these issues outside the court, this exercise has taken me to the residence and office of the Chairman Board of Trustees in Lagos more than 15 time, trying to resolve this alien article smuggled in to the NANTMP constitution illegally by a purported unknown person and each time he tells me that he was not the person who smuggled it into the constitution, since he was a member of the constitutional drafting committee, I asked him, “Are you not aware that we agreed for a 5 years tenure for the Board of Trustees”? Let us simply expunge the smuggled article from the constitution and allow NANTMP to move forward. He said he will do it, but has never taken any positive action in that regard. At a point we had a reconciliatory agreement drafted by a lawyer in his house and signed by both of us and our witnesses on behalf of NANTMP executives and the board of trustees and mandated by a joint meeting of bother the board of trustees and the NANTMP executives held at Apo village, so that we can reconcile which he and his board of trustee members violated.


Now that you have gotten involved as the Permanent Secretary Sir, I want to pray that you use your good office to address these knotty issues so that the association can achieve its goals. I want to announce an election committee which will go round all the state of the federation to elect executives from amongst whom the Chairman, Vice Chairman And Secretary who will come to Abuja to form an electoral college to elect a credible executive whom my executives will hand over to. I will not contest for any position.

I will however not hand over NANTMP to any cabal which is what the board of trustees has constituted itself into. The board of trustee has been in place since 2006 and is 12 years now. The board of trustee should be dissolved and retired and allow a new set of credible unselfish board of trustees to emerge. I want a united body where love and harmony flows, where the spirit of embezzlement and usurpation cannot be allowed to breed unchecked. The constitution should be rectified and recertified. None of the associations wants to imitate has a board of trustee which is in place for life or acts as the final arbiter and cannot be subject to litigation. NANTMP is supposed to be a democratic association, not totalitarian tyrannical association where a cabal reigns unchecked.


Our prayers are:

  1. The dissolution of the Board ot Trustee with immediate effect. They are the origin and cause of all the problems in the NANTMP.
  2. Recertification of the NANTMP constitution.
  3. A mandatory announcement within one month from today by the president of the association for the formation of an electoral committee to elect state executives all over the country
  4. Dissolution of all the purported and illegal executive appointed by the board of trustees which outside their powers
  5. In the spirit of the anti-corruption drive the President Muhammad Buhari’s government, the board of trustees should reveal the identity of the person who smuggled the anomalous article into NANTMP constitution
  6. The board of trustee should give account of their stewardship in the last 12 years as well as what happened to all the money collected from the illegally appointed executives. These people should also be made to give account of their activities

Thank you very much the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health as well as your executives for listening to me. I pray that the good Lord would give you the wisdom to fight for justice to prevail in the Federal Ministry of health and the NANTMP and in our country Nigeria. Thank you very much everybody here present

NANTMTP…heal the Nation

Heal the Nation, NANTMP


HRH. Prof. T. O Omon Oleabhiele

President, NANTMP


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